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      【Body in white Welding Engineering】

      Mainline welding fixture

      Body side welding fixture

      Floor welding fixture

      Door and hood welding fixture

      Robot roller hemming

      All kinds of small fixture

      【Prototype trial engineering】

      Body Assy station

      All kinds of small line

      【Robot System】

      Robot Spot welding system

      Robot Arc welding system

      Robot Laser welding system

      Robot Gluing system

      Robot Handling system

      We would provide customers the service including, manufacturing, installation, commission, safety protection and information processing.

      【Intelligent Automatic Installation】

      Automatic conveyor line

      Various Kind of special equipment

      【Wall climbing robot】

      Unique: Unique permanent magnet technology enables free walking on continuous magnetic surfaces, such as large ships and storage tanks.

      Environmental protection: The sandblasting system includes automatic recovery and separation functions, which can avoid secondary pollution and can be recycled

      Safety: Using low voltage and waterproof technology, it is safe and reliable, and can work in some specific environments.

      High efficiency: work efficiency is 15-20㎡/h, 4-5 times of manual operation. Automatic operation, one person manages multiple machines.

      Convenient: Simple operation and flexible action. It can be equipped with different application functions, such as water spray and paint.

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